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OOO Tasting Tumbler


Whisky Series

Transforming international standard size into a narrow-mouthed, thick-bottomed drinking glass. Elevating the solemnity of fine drinking into a multi-dimensional, casual flavor in daily life.



9 x 9 x 8 cm/Lead-free Crystal



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OOO Tasting Tumbler

OOO Tasting Tumbler


Transforming Professional Tasting Rituals into
Casual Scent Stacking in Everyday Life.

OOO seamlessly blends the dimensions of international standard tasting glasses into this ergonomically designed triangular shape. It adheres to the standard 4.7 cm narrow rim size, allowing for a multi-layered olfactory experience when bringing your nose close to the glass during the professional whisky tasting process. In addition, OOO's thick-bottom design meticulously isolates the possibility of temperature affecting the aroma and flavor of the liquid.

Crafted from high-transparency, impurity-free crystal sand that offers excellent light penetration, OOO opts for lead-free crystal sand. This allows you to easily observe the depth of color, clarity, and transparency of the liquid when tasting various types of beverages.


The design of the whisky tasting tumbler in the OOO series was inspired by the cultural collision of a Scottish designer in Asia.

The concept for OOO tasting tumbler emerged from an intriguing cultural conflict between industrial designer Nicol Boyd and co-founder Chingwen. For Nicol Boyd, an industrial designer originally from Scotland who has lived in Italy, Hong Kong, and is currently in Taiwan, drinking a glass of whiskey was a customary part of his parents' dinner pairing and an everyday occurrence with friends at street-side bars in Scotland.

However, upon moving to Asia for work and life, he was surprised to find that there seemed to be a layer of formality between Asians and whisky. 


OOO tasting tumbler transforms the formality of professional tasting into a casual, anytime experience in daily life.

Replacing the slender tall stem of typical tasting glasses with a thick-bottom design that still maintains its ability to isolate temperature, OOO caters to the size of every individual's palm. This allows the drinker to easily hold the glass with the most relaxed and comfortable grip. Moreover, it ensures that smaller tasting glasses stand firmly on the table without easily tipping over and shattering.


In addition to its sleek and round wineglass shape, OOO tasting tumbler features an 8-degree inward slope. This design creates a smooth and continuous curve from the inner wall to the bottom of the glass, enabling the liquid to flow and expand within the glass. It perfects the release of aromas and flavors, finally concentrating the scents through the inward narrowing of the glass rim.

OOO tasting tumbler is handcrafted from crystal glass, with a slender 1.5 mm rim thickness, significantly thinner than standard glassware. Whether your nose or lips come into contact with the rim, OOO tasting tumbler ensures a clear and clean sensory experience of smell and taste.

This glass is not limited to whisky, brandy, and rum; it can also be used for your favorite sake, or even coffee and tea. OOO tasting tumbler can gather the aromatic nuances of liquids to present a different layer of tasting experiences.





Product Specifications:

- Rim diameter: 42 mm
- Base diameter: 63 mm
- Height: 73.5 mm
- Heat resistant: 0 - 60 degrees Celsius, suitable for cold beverages, not microwave safe.
- Handcrafted from crystal glass, not recommended for dishwasher use.



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- OOO tasting tumbler is handcrafted from crystal glass, so slight ripples, tiny bubbles, and minor variations in thickness are normal and reflect the handcrafted nature of the product. OOO individually inspects each glass before shipping to ensure it meets quality standards. If you prefer machine-made glass with consistent quality, please consider not purchasing.
- The glass is heat-resistant from 0-60 degrees Celsius, suitable for cold beverages, and not microwave safe. It is not recommended for use in a dishwasher. If you need to clean it in a dishwasher, place it on the top rack and use warm water.
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