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OOO Whisky Story


Whisky Series

" OOO Late-Night Adventure Begins! スタート! " Whisky is born from the hearts of those who yearn for freedom amidst the vast mountains and oceans. So today, let's enjoy it with a sense of freedom and spontaneity!



- Limited availability, only available while supplies last. - OOO tasting tumbler : 9 x 9 x 8 cm / Heat-resistant 0 - 60 degrees, not microwave safe / Hand-blown crystal glass.



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OOO Whisky Story

OOO Whisky Story


OOO Whisky Series
Limited Late Night Adventure Box
Non-alcoholic version, with Exclusive Whisky Pairing Note


Whisky is born in the vast mountains and seas, within the soul that yearns for freedom. Throughout history, whisky has been portrayed in advertisements as A. to be enjoyed with success, B. to be savored with cigars, or C. to be paired with emotions. It all sounds good, but it always carries a strong and tense masculine vibe. Tonight, let's try enjoying whisky with freedom and casualness, embarking on a solitary night adventure with OOO!

Three clues are presented by OOO, with the purpose of discovering the spark of freedom in your heart, igniting the possibilities of various adventures together.

❶ The Secret of Islay:
Port Askaig Whisky's maritime peat and coal smoke meets Taiwan's spicy olive oil-fermented tofu, enveloped in the familiar fermented bean aroma, wrapping around the wild and ancient coal smoke, unexpectedly bringing out layers of premium sweetness.

❷ Whisky's Tenderness:
Arran Whisky's honeyed malt aroma meets milk and egg custard cream cookies , lifting the serious facade of whisky to reveal the tenderness crafted through time and oak barrel aging at 45% alcohol content.

❸ The Craftiness of Fish Sausage:
Ledaig Whisky from the Isle of Mull in Scotland light peat smoke meets unassuming cheese fish sausage, salty with a touch of sweetness and a hint of spiciness, perhaps a sly and independent flavor you've never noticed before.


OOO Late Night Adventure Box: Includes one OOO Tasting Tumbler.

The hidden craftsmanship of the OOO Thick-bottomed Drinking Glass lies in its simple yet elegant design, with a gentle continuous curved interior.

Apart from its sturdy and round design, the OOO Thick-bottomed Drinking Glass features an 8-degree inward angle on the interior, allowing for a smooth and continuous curved surface from the inner wall to the bottom of the glass. This design facilitates the free flow and expansion of liquid within the glass, enhancing the release of aromas and flavors. It ultimately narrows down to a narrow rim to concentrate the aroma.

Crafted from hand-blown crystal glass, the OOO Thick-bottomed Drinking Glass boasts a thin 1.5mm rim thickness, significantly thinner than standard glassware. Whether you bring your nose or lips close to the rim, the OOO Thick-bottomed Drinking Glass ensures a clear and clean sensory experience, elevating your olfactory and gustatory senses.

This glass is not limited to whisky, brandy, rum, or other distilled spirits; it can also be used for your favorite sake, and even coffee or tea. The OOO Thick-bottomed Drinking Glass is capable of enhancing the aromatic experience and flavor profile of various beverages.

OOO Late Night Adventure Start! スタート!

OOO Night Adventure Set / Non-Alcoholic Combination Contents:

▪ OOO Thick Bottom Drinking Glass X 1
▪ OOO Late-Night Adventure Whisky Pairing Notes X 1
▪ OOO Selected Special Snacks: Spicy Olive Oil-Sealed Fermented Tofu, Milk Cake & Cream Cookies, Cheese Fish Meat Sausage



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- OOO tasting tumbler is handcrafted from crystal glass, so slight ripples, tiny bubbles, and minor variations in thickness are normal and reflect the handcrafted nature of the product. OOO individually inspects each glass before shipping to ensure it meets quality standards. If you prefer machine-made glass with consistent quality, please consider not purchasing.
- The glass is heat-resistant from 0-60 degrees Celsius, suitable for cold beverages, and not microwave safe. It is not recommended for use in a dishwasher. If you need to clean it in a dishwasher, place it on the top rack and use warm water.
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